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Promo: January Special

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New month, new year, new promo right! Well for the month of January we are running a little special. I am offering a batch of 50 decals for $55 shipped anywhere in the US. The offer is valid for social handle and website decals only. So if you would want custom Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc. as well as website decals this is definitely the deal for you. The pricing covers up to about 8.5in wide and valid for all standard color vinyl only. If you want specialty colors an additional fee will apply. If you are interested in this months special, please email me at!

New Item: Always Hangry!

Who loves to eat? I mean who doesn't right? Well with all these "anti" inspired designs. Here's our little fun take on one subject! I present you with "Always Hangry!" Get yours today at: ; An be on the lookout for more foodie related designs coming soon!

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New Item: No Love

Here is a fun new one for everyone, I present you with "NO LOVE". Get yours exclusively on our online store at: ; Stay tuned many more designs coming soon to our site!

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New Item: Pampanga's Best

I know it's not the beginning of the week, but this was just too fun not to make available on our online store. Well guess what I just added it to our online store last nite. Get yours today: ; Stay tuned for more fun filipino related decals coming soon to our site!

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New Item: Built by Hustlin'

So I will be trying something new this year, by releasing a new item weekly on our online store. This week I present you with "Built by Hustlin". Dedicated to all of you that put in the time and work to your accomplishments. This awesome design is available now on our online store at: [...]

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Happy 2019

Happy New Years everyone, hope your 2019 has started off right! We are kicking things off this year by starting out fresh for the year on our blog. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@fknprints) or check back here for new updated posts. Thank you for all the support and let's have some fun [...]

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