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Partial Sponsorship


Partial Sponsorship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Partial Sponsorship Registration Program. Registration is currently only open to USA at this time.

What is the Partial Sponsorship Program?

FKN Prints is happy to partial sponsor any positive lifestyle influencers, vloggers/bloggers, car enthusiasts, etc. We are letting you advertise for us and earn 10% store credit commission to use on

Our partial sponsorship is Store Credit, NOT "free decals" - The more you advertise and get the word out, the more chances of you earning store credit - *Read below on how you will receive your Store Credit and how to use it to purchase decals on our store.

What are the requirement to join?

There are no additional fees in order to join. We want you to get great deals and let your friends know about us.

The only requirement are:

  • You need to be a Registered User on our website,
  • You need to have a public Instagram account, with at least 500 real/active followers.
  • If you're a social media influencer you need to mention us in your posts/uploads. If you're a car/motorcycle enthusiast you need to display a decal we have made, along with our "FKN Prints sponsored" decal on your ride (car, truck, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, boat...etc).

Partial Sponsorship / Affiliation with another “sticker brand” company will VOID your partial sponsorship with FKN Prints without notice.

If/When your Partial Sponsorship Application is approved by FKN Prints, We will contact you with more information about your sponsored decal

*The username on the decal has to match the username on your Application form or your Partial Sponsorship will be voided without notice.

How do I sign up?

Please email us the following details to or copy and paste the details in the contact form below.

  • Full name
  • Emails address used on
  • Instagram Handle
  • How you will promote
  • Choose a sponsorship code.

How do I get my credit?

You will earn 10% store credit commission on all orders that are placed using your sponsorship code.

How often do I get my credit?

Credits are applied to your account after an order has been verified and completed. This can take up to 7 business days. When you are ready to use your credits, you can add the product items you want to the cart, and use your store credit to pay during checkout.

What counts as a sale?

A sale is counted when someone completes a verified purchase on our store, using your sponsorship code. If an order is canceled by the customer and/or refunded, we will cancel the commission on that order.

What do I enter in "Choose a sponsorship code?"

You can pick whatever code you want that is available. Keep it PG! Letters and numbers are to be accepted, no symbols (!, @ #, *, ., -, _, etc). If the code you have chosen is already in use, we will contact you with an alternative. Keep it short and easy to remember (i.e. your name, company/brand name, crew/club/group name...etc)

If you would like to change your code, please contact us to do so.

What happens next, if my application is approved?

Welcome to the Team! We will be sending you your required "FKN Prints Clique" decals and a Pair (2) of 9" Instagram Decals for free (after making one purchase off our online store using your new promotional code).

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